Friday, August 7, 2009

Union Thuggery Caught on Tape - Unbelievable!

While documenting union thuggery is not expressly a taxpayer issue, certainly an organized effort to turn out union "brown shirts" who then assault an average joe who was peacefully trying to lobby his Congressman to not waste his tax dollars (with a massive $1.8 trillion takeover of healthcare) is. The leftists need to be called out for this thuggery. Fortunately, the peaceful attendees were prepared and had their cameras rolling.

While 1000 people stand in line at the front door of a public school to hear Congressman Carnahan on healthcare, a St. Louis County cop actually blocks town hall meeting attendees from using a side door reserved only for union members.

Check out this video:

Facts: public school, Cong. "town hall", one entrance for whites, one for blacks, I mean one union one non-union - is that legal at a public venue?

Next video:
A black man attending, whose offense is handing out "Don't tread on Me" flags is assaulted by thugs in SEIU t-shirts. Several thugs were arrested. Post-Dispatch reporter Jake Wagman who was videotaping the event himself, was also arrested for some reason. This is making national news including the unions planning to "counter protest" the protestors. Hopefully the Post-Dispatch and other major media will catch that every teaparty event before this one was peaceful, but that as soon as the AFL-CIO issued their call to "mobilize" that the union brown shirts turned to their usual tactic of thuggery, fear and intimidation. Maybe their effective use of thuggery is why they want to strip workers of the right to a secret ballot.

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