Friday, July 3, 2009

Take Action, because you can!

Good news and bad news. First the bad:
As most of you know, Al Franken became the 60th vote in the Senate. That means the Republican opposition to the Democrat oligarchy is virtually disarmed. Obama, Pelosi and Reid can now pass anything upon which the three of them agree. So expect the newly filibuster proof Democrats to get even more brazen than they have been already.

For instance, while many business lobbyists are pinning their hopes against passage of EFCA on more moderate Democrats like Senator Ben Nelson of Nebraska, his staff pointed out to The Hill, that Nelson "abhors any kind of obstruction in the Senate". Not one Democrat Senator has committed to voting against the expected cloture motion.

The good:
Missouri is one of just 21 States in which voters have the right to petition their Government and change laws themselves.
The Missouri petiton drive to save the right to a secret ballot is in high gear. We have tipped the $100,000 raised mark and collected almost 40,000 signatures.
We still need your help.
Derek Grier has agreed to coordinate our statewide volunteer signature gathering effort. He can be reached at (314) 229-7232.

This is a great weekend to gather signatures. I can think of no better time than when people are at festivals celebrating our freedom, to ask them to sign a petition to guarantee their right to a secret ballot.

If you can help we can email you a downloadable petition and instructions that you can print at home.

Gina and I will be at the Taxpayer Tea Party at Rennick Park in Washington Missouri at 11am Saturday and will be looking for help there. Gina is a featured speaker and will be talking about SOS Ballot. Chesterfield is hosting an event Saturday at Chesterfield Mall.

Not surprising, union activists are harassing petition circulators. In a tactic called "blocking" the thug will approach a circulator and start a verbal battle to make sure no one wants to stop to sign and get into a fight. The thugs who want to intimidate people from signing a petition to preserve their right to a secret ballot are also arguing that workers should be stripped of their right to vote be secret ballot because we can trust union organizers not to intimidate people to join their union and pay dues for the privilege.

So if you see a thug at work harassing a pro-freedom petition circulator, why don't you jump right in, sign the petition (only once please) and then run interference on the thug and give him a piece of your freed0m-loving mind.

Meanwhile, have a great Independence Day weekend!