Saturday, February 14, 2009

Fiscal Conservative Misnomer

On the stimulus-voting-sellout republicans: Can we all finally agree that the moniker "fiscal conservative" is an obtuse misnomer? Certainly Senators Snowe, Collins and Specter would describe themselves as "fiscally conservative" and socially moderate. Now the "moderates" have shown what "moderate" realy means; RINO (Republican In Name Only). Clearly, there is not an ounce of "conservative" in any of these self-described "fiscal conservatives."

Through history, certainly since President Reagan made it cool to be conservative, one would be hard pressed to find a "radical" social conservative (another misapplied label, think about it) voting with the Democrat majority for huge new spending increases. No folks, when the heat is on and we are betrayed by our party, the ones doing the betraying are going to be from the left flank.

Certainly, anyone calling themselves "conservative" while voting to borrow $600 billion from their grandchildren to spend on welfare expansion today ought to be ashamed.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Liberal = Free (to tamper with elections)

Last month, I presented the issue before a broad group of conservative activists. When asked about our status in the process it was not until I was finished giving the following bullet points that the absurdity of what I explained dawned on me and then morphed into outrage:
1. We filed ballot language
2. We are waiting for Secretary of State Robin Carnahan (in her Constitutional role to put neutral ballot summary language on all citizens petitions) to put offensive ballot title language on it.
3. We will (take the only action available besides "give up" and) sue her.
4. We will wait for the legal process to hopefully give us better language.
5. Maybe we will be circulating petitions sometime in late Spring or early Summer.

Did you catch that? In case anyone in the room that day missed it, another presenter told about his process. He is in the same position as us, waiting for bad language from Robin so he can sue.

Did you know that Robin Carnahan is the only SOS in the history of Missouri to have her language struck down ever? The courts have determined she violated her "fairness" role TWICE! You see, when Legislators put an issue on the ballot, presumably the people received due process because their representatives wrote the language collectively. When private parties desire to put an issue on the ballot the question becomes one of whom we entrust to write a fair summary of what the language actually does. Secretary Carnahan clearly has a priority other than fairness. If your ballot issue involves a traditional American value you can assume that Secretary Carnahan will use/abuse her power and do all she can to stymie your efforts.

Did you know that socialist billionaire George Soros has launched a national effort to get exactly this result from leftist elections officials?

As the World watches the Minnesota recount that has seen the liberal icon Al Franken go from losing the election to winning it, a result almost unheard of, the top elections official is a beneficiary of Soros' dollars.

This abuse of power by the left is only now being exposed. It will continue until intellectually honest activists of all stripes recognize that ballot box integrity and a free and fair elections process is what separates the civilized countries of the World from the dictatorships.

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