Monday, August 31, 2009

BUYcott Tomorrow Sept. 1 - Whole Foods - Meet Michael Patrick Leahy

So here are the final details for the 1st National BUYcott in support of Whole Foods:

The location is simple, about 1 mile south on highway 141 from Highway 40, at the intersection at Clayton Rd. and Woods Mill Rd.

Ground Rules:
1. They are requesting no signs on the premises, this is NOT a protest.
If people are there with signs, (we support free speech) please hang out on the roundabout off Woods Mill Rd. on the south side of the building - that is public property.
2. Think Ghandi and Trump. Spend like Trump, be peaceful like Ghandi. This is NOT a protest, it is a celebration of capitalism.

When you are there:
They have several entrances. We will be set up inside the south (flower) entrance, and inside the doors to the left by the coffee bar. That will be ground zero for our BUYcott. Say hello, do your shopping, and then bring your receipt to us to scan, tally, etc. so we can document our success.

Feel free to join many of us who will be dining there at 7pm.

WF is going to have lots of extra help in the check out lanes and aisles, including their regional manager who is coming in from Chicago, and will be likely be "aproned" to help tomorrow!!!

Sales are denoted by chalkboards throughout the store, typically with yellow signage.

They are going to feature whole rotisserie chickens (organic and hormone free, of course) for only $5.99. I think that will be a first hormone free chicken for me.

They have some great sales items including fruit, like $4watermelons, cheese, steak, and shrimp skewers 10 for $10!!!

They are loading up their display cases for "value packs" for us RIGHT NOW!!! I saw it myself. They heard we are fiscally conservative--imagine THAT!!!

They will have beer and wine samples for us. Don't be cheap though and expect to wash your chicken down with samples. : )

They close at 9, but Matt the manager assured us they will not kick us out : )

Fb: whole foods market town and country


Other info:

Buy a Gift Card (here)
Have the card delivered to a food pantry as a gift
Forward the email receipt to gina-at-stlouisteaparty-dot-com.

I saw the very back of the store--shockingly clean!!! No funny old meat smell at all.

They will have their ppl available to talk to potential vendors/farmers who are local who would like to get their product into their store. I have sent out some invites to farmers I know.

Be nice or they will put you in the "Whole Body Lockup" located in the very back of the store. I saw it myself.

I won't say who, but I ran into the manager of the grocery store where I shop today at WF!

Michael Patrick Leahy, partiotic activist, founder of Top Conservatives on Twitter and author of the just released book "Rules for Conservative Radicals" will be joining us.

Please tell the media, Tweet, and fb about this so it is HUGE. They have really gone out of their way to stock up for us and create sales for us. Remember, the World is always watching for us to be the "mean-spirited haters" that so many of the statists actually are. I saw a young woman in dreadlocks working a register. This is a great time to cause others to wonder about the source of the joy in your heart.

All eyes are on St. Louis tomorrow, and if we make a big enough splash, this take-back-the-country tactic goes Nationwide!!!!

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