Monday, April 4, 2011

Critical Election and Stealth Candidates April 5th.

This election has two of the most critical opportunities I have seen in a long time; we must hold Monarch Fire District and Pick up a champion in Rockwood. I am getting a number of inquiries about what is on the ballot tomorrow. Here are my favorites below, but check out Gina's picks in her TV ad here:

This is not an exhaustive list, but I am also posting this on the Taxpayer Watchdog Blog, so if you have a favorite candidate, put them up there and direct your friends to the list.

Monarch Fire: Rick Gans - despite a massively deceptive smear campaign orchestrated by three paid republican consultants who secured the endorsements of Lieutenant Governor Peter Kinder and a few other notable people who do not even live here, ALL of the local republican lawmakers who have fought the fire fighter union attempts to hijack the coffers, including current State Senator Jane Cunningham, myself, former Senators Klarich and Flotron, ALL BACK GANS and urge you to tell all of your friends to reject the UNION-FUNDED SWYERS who never even voted in a Fire District election and is the father of a union fire fighter. Who is more to be trusted to look out for Taxpayers? Currently, taxpayers hold the board versus unions 2:1. A vote for Gans holds the union in check.

Rockwood School Board: Mike Geller - Vote for MIKE ONLY (even though you get to vote for three - more below) Mike is a good friend who helped me back in my first race in 1994. He is concerned enough that he is making his own foray into running a race because no other conservative would. MIKE IS RUNNING FOR YOUR SAKE.

Mike has made the incredibly bold step of campaigning for taxpayers and students. Unlike every one of his opponents (Doelle is calling himself a conservative while being endorsed by several unions), Mike was too honest to say one thing to the unions and another to you.
Mike is all about high standards and choices for parents. Yes, he has three children in Rockwood, but one at Rossman, his alma mater.
The three top vote getters win. If 2000 union voters vote for their three, that is 600+ votes each. If 2000 taxpayers vote only for Mike, he wins easy. VOTE ONLY FOR GELLER.

County Assessor: Chip Wood - Chip is a great guy whom I have gotten to know recently. He is the professional real estate expert who the Republican Party put up against the Democrat's lawyer/politician. When it comes to your property assessments, would you rather trust a Democrat politician loyal to County Executive Dooley or Republican businessman Chip Wood?

Chesterfield City Council, Ward 2: Derek Grier - Derek is a gem. I do not know how else to describe him, but he is a great guy with all the right values who just wants to serve, and everyone who meets him wants to help him. This is his second run at the office and no one works harder. Please support Derek if you live in Ward 2.

Chesterfield City Council, Ward 4: Bob Nation - Bob is my Councilman. I have been impressed by his dedication to the job, especially when we asked hm for his support on a Wilson Rd. bike trail and I "caught him in the act" of walking the area on his own time in order to get a full perspective on our request.

Ballwin City Council, Ward 2: Mark Harder - I have known Mark for almost as long as I have known Mike. Even though this is a non-partisan office, Mark is a very dedicated Republican activist who will take sound GOP values to the Ballwin Board of Aldermen.

Windsor School District: Dan Shaul - I have known Dan for a number of years. He is great guy who stands for all the right things. If you are in Jefferson County but not in Windsor, consider helping Dan at the polls or calling your friends.

About 10 years ago, two candidates for a seat in North County got the identical number of votes, over 1500 each. How many people were self-flagellating in penance for not bothering to vote? Please take 5-10 minutes to hold the Fire District and put your best advocate in Rockwood.


H.C. said...

Thankyou! I have been too busy to keep up.

taxpayerwatchdog said...

My pleasure. From trusted patriots:
In St. Charles,
Trustworthy School Board Candidates:


Burt Biermann.... Francis Howell School District
Laure Schmidt.... Fort Zumwalt School District
Terry Herring.....  Fort Zumwalt School District
Sandy Garber..... Wentzville School District
Chuck MacNab.... Wentzville School District

In Parkway and elsewhere:
Flannery, III - Alderman (Pacific) 
Susan Geerlings - Mayor (Florissant) 
Dave Evans - City Council (Ward 3, O'Fallon, MO) 
Laure Schmitt - School Board (Fort Zumwalt)
Jesse Irwin - Alderman (10th Ward, St. Louis) 
Burt Biermann - School Board (Wentzville) 
Sandy Garber - School District (Parkway) 
Chris Jacob - School Board (Parkway)
 Sara Dickson - School Board (Columbia, MO)