Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Afghan Extortion Racket

In her article, "Trucking in Cukoostan" Diana West lays out what one can only conclude, is the real reason a troop surge is the only solution to American withdraw from that corrupt Country. For Obama to fiddle while American tax dollars burn and a handful of individuls get rich off blood money is about what we have come to expect from this administration. Read and conclude for yourself:

I missed Aram Rostom's expose of what is in effect and in part a giant Pentagon-to-Taliban payola scheme when it came out earlier this month in the Nation (not ordinarily high on my reading list). Now circulating in various publications on the Left -- but sent my way by John Bernard (no Lefty, he) -- this story of the systemic US-Afghan corruption that undergirds our continued presence in Afghanistan must not be dismissed as political fodder for just one side of the spectrum. This is a story of central importance to the American people, and deserves Left, Right and middle of the road attention.

Roston's digging attempts to lay bare the interlocking webs of corruption and pay-offs in which the US has enmeshed itself in an effort to supply US outposts in hostile territory -- i.e., all of Afghanistan. Our military people depend on those supply convoys for everything. But what kind of commanders put men and materiel in jeopardy in such hostile territory in the first place?