Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Conservatives are Pathetic Protestors…Until... A Tribute on Taxpayer Tea Party Day


We at the Taxpayer Tea Parties are taxpayers – not welfare cheats – not tax dodgers
We believe that you render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s
We resent that Caesar went on a wild spending spree and stuck our children w/ the tab.
We know that confiscatory tax burdens drive away jobs.
We know that the major corporations who leave cities, who left St. Louis City, like Southwestern Bell, now AT&T, left when Governor Carnahan passed the biggest tax hike in state history.
We can only be dismissed at the ignoramus’ peril.
We voted in Republicans who raised spending, we voted in Democrats who spent worse. We learned.
We shake our heads at pundits who want to dismiss us the usual tax protestors.
We view as dangerous, the apologists who refuse to acknowledge the problem.
We are rising up now because our very republic is at stake.
We are shocked that the $55 trillion social security and Medicaid debt already “earned”, obligates each of us to $185,000.
We are issuing a demand for politicians to show the guts to either cut spending or raise taxes to meet the level of their spending.
We believe sticking this debt on our children is the height of immorality and cowardice.
We are taking a stand now in defense of our children.
We are conservatives which means we actually have children.

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Mary said...

Well said! Thank you!