Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The "Stimulus Package"

It is refreshing to see the Republicans in Congress appear fiscally conservative again, if only by comparison to the Democrats.

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Chixulub said...

Pity they weren't fiscally conservative when they were in power. I like what Republicans say, but give them the power of the purse and they find irresponsible spending just as irresistible as the Dems.

I'd say this is an argument for the Libertarian Party, but I'm pretty sure they are no less corruptible.

Perhaps there weren't adequate checks and balances in the American system: perhaps instead of a bicameral legislature we need four or five divisions of power, perhaps one with taxing/borrowing power but no spending authority and another with spending authority but no ability to borrow, all with institutional incentives to fight with each other at every turn.

Something that guarantees gridlock, that's what the doctor ordered.